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How to use the Bedwars plugin?



Sorry for asking, but I don't know how to use the plugin. I can't find any tutorials on this plugin ;-;

All I need to know is the commands and what they do, how to set and arena and how to set generators, trades and beds. Oh, and spawns.

I know there is a /bw help command, but I don't get some of the commands in that.

Any help is appreciated!

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4 hours ago, Ezekia said:

Oof Mode Activated

I think the video is out of date. The /bw setlobby command didn't work when I tried it and /bw disableSafeMode didn't either.

Ok so I checked out the plugin and went to see if there was a link which there was https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/screamingbedwars-1-9-1-14.63714/ I highly suggest you go through it. It has all the commands and what they do and a few videos! Hope this helps mate


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