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Ban Shorten?

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Username: UwUnicode

What punishment did you receive: Ban

Was the punishment fair: No

Why should you be unpunished: Maybe a ban that isn't permanent?

What were the events that led to your punishment: I had ~800 ping around the time of being banned. (Not sure if you can check that) and it was the second time this has happened.

Additional comments: I understand that this has happened twice already and it showed me taking no knockback, so that's why I'm not just asking for an unban. Can by ban be shortened? Or maybe slightly less than pennant? I have gotten better WiFI since the ban.





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Hey, sorry for the late response. In my opinion, I consider a permanent ban to be around 3 months. If a player was permanently banned and appealed 3 months later, I would feel inclined to unban them, given each unique circumstance. The second time time you were banned (the current one), was on September 26. It's been a little over 2 months since then. I will be shortening your ban, so that it will expire on December 25th, give or take 3 months later.

 Merry Christmas 🎅

Limited time free bacon 🐽

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