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My server won’t load


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You have multiple choices to repair your starting server :

  • Reparing Files

Start your server. Once you have access to the panel, stop it. Go to "Danger Zone" and then repair files. Wait for the server to start (By clicking "repair files", your server Will start alone) 


  • Removing Plugins

If your server don't start, it is probably due to an overloaded data. I suggest to remove usueless Plugins. 


  • Wait between 2 starts

If you tried to start your server, but It didn't Worked, do not try again instantly after. Wait some minutes / hours. 


  • Spam Start

You can do that only if you really don't know what cause your server start issue. You just have to click "start" every 5-10 seconds when your server is starting, and repairing files between each time you click "start" 


  • Still don't work ? 

Contact MH Support (another one). Here is the link :


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