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Quick Info

Server Name: Gravestone

Server IP: Gravestone.minehut.gg

Server Owner: xMuel

Server Discord: https://discord.gg/hXs8MbB

Happy Featured Server Friday, everyone! We made it to November!!! 🍂🍁🍂

I know it's the day after Halloween, but in my opinion it's never too late in the year to get ~spoopy.~ With that, let's check out this week's Featured Server, Gravestone!

Gravestone is a new server that challenges your teamwork and PvP skills. The goal of the game mode is to capture the pumpkin from the center point and return it back to your team's base. Doing so will earn you one point and restart the game. This cycle continues until one team reaches 5 points.

The server has recently introduced kits with unique tools and abilities! One kit includes a frozen sword with a chance to freeze enemies, while a vampire-themed kit grants players the ability to steal hearts from enemies with every hit. Players can access kits by spending coins.

The server is also developing a new map that will be launching in the near future, with plans to introduce seasonal maps and other features later on, including granting players the ability to choose their teams rather than be grouped randomly.

When asked what he thought of the server, Trent turned around and full-out sprinted in the other direction. 2 spoopy 4 Trent, I guess! So it must be worth checking out.

Join this up-and-coming new server at Gravestone.minehut.gg or using /join Gravestone!

You can also join the server club at https://forums.minehut.com/forum/465-general/?ct=1572483684

Got a server you'd like featured? Tell us about it in the Featured Server Discord!

See you next week!

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pretty cool server 100% not bias at all why would you assume that

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Just someone who plays Minecraft

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Congratulations on your feature @xMuel

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I've played this a few times, very interesting server concept and it's enjoyable to play. Good work on the server @xMuel!

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pretty good server 

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Pretty odd how a server like Gravestone gets featured when servers like Lift or other popular and unique servers don't... I do like the idea of Gravestone though and i don't mean to insult the server.

Adding on to what i said, not many people have heard of gravestone so i would let it become more popular.

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