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2 Crazy weird seeds i found!

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Holy! i've found 2 seeds that are literally crazy! i didnt steal them from anyone , its just random seeds.

1st seed = Icy boat spike

I've found this seed using the resource pack of element animation, Pretty weird when i found this:


A sunken ship in an icy spike? how come!

SEED ID : -320882987010140593

2nd seed : Lucky choices

This seed is pretty unique and it has lots and LOTS of things.

1. It has 3 SUNKEN SHIPS? Wow!

The 1st sunken ship is located near the island , in other island , you might find a map in there.

The 2nd sunken ship is at the front of the islands , you might find other map there too!

The 3rd sunken ship is near an ocean ruin , which you might find a map going to the same place as the other 2 maps. One of those can have other map which is located in the same island as you spawn.

There is a taiga village some blocks away , and also LOTS of drowned.

By going down and heading right , you'll might find a spawner with a disc called "cat"

When you find the stronghold , you'll find a sunken ship without any maps.


All images from Lucky Choices



SEED : -264435825357708073

I discovered all of theese seeds myself , I PROMISE. If you find the exact same seed on any web , let me know , cause it can be a coincidence or something universal.




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