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CallumlousTV's Staff Application

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Minecraft username: CallumlousTV
Previous usernames: Kingcallum011 / xx_KC11_xx / xx_KC10_xx
Timezone: GMT +0 (UK)
Age (Must be 13+): 13
Do you have access to a working microphone? (yes/no): Yes
Do you have the ability to record hackers?: I do, with OBS and in 1080p60
Have you played Hyrix much before?: I'm enjoying the server and have been playing for a bit
Are you multilingual? No, I am Currently Not.


Are you an active player on Minehut and minecraft in general?: Yes, I play mostly on Minehut.

How much time do you have to contribute to the role?: At least 4 - 10 hours /day

Have you ever been banned on any minecraft server before? If so, add details: I have not been banned from any server, but i have been blacklisted on INVADEDLANDS.net because i joined with a VPN enabled :(

What would you say are your weaknesses & strengths (Include detail, provide 2 for both):  I am strong at Skript / Permission Managers / building and gameplay making elements, I'm not weak at much. 

Tell us about one of your favorite moments as a minecraft player (On Minecraft): when i found my first diamonds back on the XBOX 360, the exact date was 26/11/2013

Tell us about a mistake you have made in the past. How did you deal with it and what did you learn?:  I acidentally broke the entire eco of a server, they forgot to make a minus balance so... i got alot of money and started paying everyone... now i know to always check over skript code.

What activities / hobbies do you do outside of Minecraft?: I do video editing on my youtube channel. 

Do you have any previous staffing experience?: I've been staff on multiple servers, eg: SkyMinePVP, fClick, JxHub and more.

Anything else we should know? Any talents or strong points?: Nah. :) enjoy life kids.

Thanks for applying. You will receive an answer within 3 days. Be patient.

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