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When will 1.21 come out on minehut?

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Minecraft 1.21

Minehut currently does not support 1.21, we will update as soon as we are able to once PaperMC is updated to support the latest version. 
We are also waiting for other pieces of software such as GeyserMC for bedrock support on 1.21, and ViaVersion.

Below is the required software Minehut is waiting on.

🟡 PaperMC

🟢 Geyser (bedrock support)

🟡 ViaVersion

🔴 Not Started/Blocked | 🟡 Being worked on | 🟢 Completed


You can join bedrock from 1.21 as Geyser has been updated!

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On 6/17/2024 at 12:28 PM, justaguy_1 said:

What is the estimate time?

As of today, Minehut's proxy has been updated and you can now join from 1.21 and on Bedrock. Please keep in mind that currently, you cannot create servers with 1.21 as we are waiting for a stable build from PaperMC. Unfortunately, we don't have a time estimate for this, but it should be coming soon.


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5 hours ago, VoloAcrossAges said:

Is it out yet?

no, but you can always check for yourself at https://papermc.io/downloads/paper
if it says 1.21, that may not mean that it's out on Minehut yet, but that it may release soon




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We currently have server version 1.21 experimental available. Its necessary to back up your server world before switching to it (if you're wanting to upgrade a server to it). As it is still in testing. (Scrolling down to the very bottom of the server version listing, and you'll find it.)

Paper has not yet released a stable version yet, so it may contain bugs, corrupt worlds, etc.

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