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Virus53 (Disrespect), xStrqfeHardcore (Excessive Capitalization & Disrespect), EssaBYQU (Chat Flood)

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Offenses were ignored by staff member Virus53, receiving no punishment or warning. Virus53 was also disrespectful, stating that player is "shit".

Usernames: Virus53xStrqfeHardcore, EssaBYQU

Offense: Disrespect (Virus53) Excessive Capitalization & Disrespect (xStrqfeHardcore) Chat Flood (EssaBYQU)




Edited by Resides

Discord: Resides#0001

IGN: Residents

NameMC: Residents



Join Date: 2015

Donated: 2018

Warzone Staff Team: 2018

Minehut Support Team: 2018


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That message might have come of as a misunderstanding, the message was directed to drewsm saying "God is dead". Further it was kind of a joke and i didnt mean anything with it. 

As for EssaBYQU they will be dealt with accordingly and if i didnt punish them at that moment i mustve missed the message / didnt think it was enough to get punished for. Looping back now they indeed flooded the chat.

Same for xStrqfehardcore.

Thanks for the report!  And sorry for the mistakes that were made.

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