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Can't upload saved world. Upload Failed, Invalid Files


I'm unable to upload the backup of my server's world. I've tried a few different file sharing sites like Google Drive, file.io, and a few others. But when I input the command on server, I get a message saying Upload Failed, Invalid Files. The file is just under 900MB


https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PvehGgO0SuvZ8OBU2n6a7jsMg62lmKEA/view?usp=sharing here is a link to the file


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I'm also having issues with uploading my world (725 mb) to file io

I have tried many times but all the time 99% download progress switches to "upload failed" error message.

I have read that the max file size on file io is 5 gb so this should not be an issue.

I have tried to use Google Drive and Mega but those do not provide direct instant download links and thus do not work with /ul world command properly. Maybe someone knows working alternatives to file io?

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.schem : if your file has it, uploading the world wont work at All. This type of file is corrupted and do not provide All requirements to upload it. 

.schematic : if you have it, follow this:

  • Turn it into a link to make your management easier with file.io (https://file.io)
  • Copy link, and come back to your game
  • Copy this command : /ul world (choose a name here) (link) 
  • Do no restart your server or execute /worlds, just /world (the name you have choose for the world) 

If you still have an upload failed, this is probably due to an unloaded chunk into the file, or a bug from the server, or because the file is too old. 

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Topic Locked - Please don't reply to old topics which have been inactive for a month but if you need help open a new one.

Also there is a max upload size for your server which is 500MB so you can't download 5GB worlds

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