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How to install Votifier


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M I N E H U T  C O M M U N I T Y  F A Q


Introduction to Votifier:

Votifier is a plugin that allows your server to be notified (aka votified) when a vote is made on a Minecraft server top list. Votifier is secure, and makes sure that all vote notifications are delivered by authentic top lists.

Requirements for Votifier:

  • A Minehut server with a plan. Purchase a plan here.

How to install Votifier:

  • Stop your server.
  • Download the Votifier jar file here.
  • Open up the Dashboard, navigate to File Manager and upload the jar file to the plugins folder.
  • Head to the Settings tab, and navigate to the Ports section.
  • Under Add port, select TCP. In the Internal Port field, type in 8192. After that, click on Add.
  • With your server stopped, scroll down and click on Force Hibernate and select Yes.
  • Click on the activate button in the Dashboard and wait for the server to start.
  • On a server listing, use the IP field in the Ports section as the Votifier IP, and the External Port as the Votifier port.
  • To find the public key, navigate to File Manager -> Plugins -> Votifier -> rsa -> public.key and open it as a text document.


NOTE: You will need another plugin to give vote rewards, such as VotingPlugin.


Require further assistance?:

If you need more help on this topic, head over to this section of the forums, or join our Discord!


Compiled by the Minehut Staff Team

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