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XP Progress System | Shows your XP Progress!

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XP Progress System

This system is mostly good for

RPG servers that has levels and xp.

This will be helpful for players to

keep track of their progress when it comes

to level, xp and how much they need

more to level up to the next rank.



(7 lines)

# | Variables |
# {_p} - the player
# {_u} - uuid of {_p}
# {xp::%{_u}%} - Current xp of player
# {xp::needed::%{_u}%} - XP needed to level up.
# {level::%{_u}%} - Current level of player

function xp():
    loop all players:
        set {_p} to loop-player
        set {_u} to uuid of {_p}
        set {_n} to {xp::%{_u}%}/{xp::needed::%{_u}%}
        set level progress of {_p} to {_n}
        set level of {_p} to {level::%{_u}%}

# Can be used like this
# every 5 seconds:
#     xp()


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