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Giving more incentive to buying ranks

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I made a "staff chat" skript for my server and it got me thinking...


What if Minehut had a "donor chat" or "ranks chat"?


The idea is fairly simple to implement and would give people another reason to purchase a MH rank. 

The idea: I/they can make a simple skript to implement on the hub giving a command (or one per rank, if you want to go that route). This lets anyone that's donated or purchased a rank the option of being able to carry on a "secure" convo with other players of equal (or greater) rank without annoying spammers or the like being able to interfere. Though the "non-rankies" players messages would still show up in chat, they wouldn't see your messages and be able to know how/when to "bug" you. 

How it works: "Rankies" could just do a simple command in the hub chat like /dc (donor chat) or /rc (rank chat), or as detailed as the rank "/vip", "/pro", etc. (if you want to separate them) letting them join the chat. And boom, they're in.

And I know what you're thinking what about moderating those chats individually.

Safe guards: You would need to add a perm to the skript to give to the "rankies" anyway so the others couldn't access this chat. Give this perm to Mods+ to be able to access these chats and they would see the chat as it is now, all messages flowing through just like normal and not need to access each chat individually to moderate it. 

This is just one idea of something that could be added. I have more but don't want to add a bunch in one post and the thought or sentiment of this idea get lost in the list of ideas being posted.

Let me know what you think down below or feel free to suggest something, if you would add something more to this!

Your friendly neighborhood,


Trying to be MH's back up support. 😁

Join my server anytime: 


/join mgwgames or play.megagameworld.com


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Even tho I am not a donator, I would personally like this idea because the chat can get spammy as hell in the lobbies.

So, +1!

I am just a random player who been playing since the 24 July 2019.

Staff on (these are minehut servers):
f78 Projects (Subdued): Manager
Relite: JrMod

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