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Official Minehut credits transfer plugin idea


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I'm not sure if this is the right section to post this??

So, minehut already preinstalls some plugins onto your server, right?

I think they should take use of this and set up a minehut credits transfer system, to make it even easier to pay for a server plan with owner set things, like items or perks on the server.

Here is how i think the flow will go:

  1. Owner (or programmed plugin such as Skript) executes /requestcredits <player> <amount> <purchase id> [<maxamount>]
  2. <player> is sent to a website asked to pay credits through a secure connection to their minehut account
  3. Server executes command /paymentsuccess <purchase id> (command can only be executed by server)
  4. Owner (or programmed plugin such as Skript) sees the console and executes /acceptcredits <purchase id> <minehut account email>
  5. <player> gets requested item, and Owner (or programmed plugin such as Skript) has received credits.

I hope minehut staff considers this and implements it into their system! 😀

Moderate-to-beginner skripter

I'm currently developing an origins/artifacts server built around skript


If you want to playtest, talk to me on my profile page and i'll invite you to the club

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