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How to make it so each block an explosion causes it gives the player $1 per block.


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59 minutes ago, AmazingKJH said:

I want to make a destruction simulator and want upgradable explosion guns. I need each block that gets exploded by an explosion caused from a gun, to give you $1. I have no idea how to do it. this is the variable: {currencys::%player's uuid%}

on explosion:
	add 1 to {currencys::%player's uuid%}

Not tested

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do that ^^^^

i will heart back (i promise)


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Well if that reply didn't help (which im sure it didn't help much) heres one that might
keep in mind this isn't finished and i worked on it for like 15 minutes, but i cant figure out the executing of exploded blocks i hope it can help

command /gun1:
    permission: op
        give player stick named "&4Gun 1"
on right click:
    if 1 of player's tool = stick named "&4Gun 1":
        set {explosionforce::%player%} to 1
        create an explosion of force 1 at targeted block
on explosion:
    loop exploded blocks:
        loop all players:
            set {explo} to number of exploded blocks
            if 1 of loop-player's tool = stick named "&4Gun 1":
                if {explosionforce::%player%} is 1:
                    send "%{explo}%" to loop-player
                    set {explosionforce::%player%} to 0

Just a skripter who likes to have fun

I also think I'm pretty good at it

PS my discord is Enchanted#3933 incase idk anything?

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