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How do i add a cooldown to this skript


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Here ya go
on rightclick with spectral arrow:
    if {cooldownarrow::%player%} is greater than 0:
        send "&cPlease Wait %{cooldownarrow::%player%}% More Seconds!"
    push player forward at speed 3
    set {cooldownarrow::%player%} to 5
    wait 5 seconds
    send "&aRecharged!"
every 0.1 seconds:
    loop all players:
        if {cooldownarrow::%loop-player%} is greater than 0:
            add -0.1 to {cooldownarrow::%loop-player%}

Just a skripter who likes to have fun

I also think I'm pretty good at it

PS my discord is Enchanted#3933 incase idk anything?

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