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help with skript plugin/addon


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I want to make a checkzombies command to check if there is the correct amount of zombies in an area around the {zombiespawn} and then if there isnt making it the correct amount of zombies.

(Im to this)This is the entire script:


on death of zombie:
    wait 5 second
    set {_x} to random number between -4 and 4
    set {_y} to 9
    set {_z} to random number between -4 and 4
    set {_loc} to the location at {_x}, {_y}, {_z}
    spawn zombie at {_loc}
command /checkzombies:
    cooldown: 5 minutes
    cooldown bypass: op
    cooldown message: You have to wait %remaining time% before using this command again

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