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So I got banned for an offhand predatory behavior comment.


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Ok, I guess I don't deserve to sugarcoat this, but I've been banned forever for 'Predatory Behavior' (My username, if you saw, was CreepersCreep06)

What happened was some guy was (probably as a joke) advertising a different server saying to grief it because the owner is a kid.

I, selfishly without really thinking, made the offhand remarks 'For real?' and right after...

'I really like attacking kids.' as a joke.

I can promise you I have no prior behavioral abnormalities, nor intend to have any others, especially on such a subject on Minehut.

I'm assuming a perfectly well-meaning mod took this quite seriously, and I'd like to apologize and look at any opportunities to appeal because I honest to god enjoy the privilege of this server and have an upgraded plan to show for it.



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