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Scoreboard that shows top 10 people with most kills


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on death of a zombie:
	attacker is a player:
		add 1 to {kill counter::%uuid of attacker%::kills_total}
on death of player:
	set {kill counter::%uuid of player%::kills_total} to 0

on join:
	while player is online:
		toggle player's scoreboard on
		set title of player's scoreboard to "&cFland&5SMP"
		set line 4 of player's scoreboard to " OnlinePlayers: &c%size of all players%"
		set line 3 of player's scoreboard to "         "
		set line 2 of player's scoreboard to " &aZombie &cKills: %{kill counter::%uuid of player%::kills_total}%"
		set line 1 of player's scoreboard to "        "
		wait 1 tick

What I would like to add is few lines that show other people's kill count


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