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The last reply before this post gets locked wins


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Nah i am 

Join Mlum.rocks. Its one of there servers. 

Some random nons spammed it in lobby so now server cannot be advertised and will not get any players.

Minehut Please fix this

or do /join mlum

Im not the owner just want some new players.

Its a REAL prision server with actual jails. And you can escape and become a fug. You can escape by making illegal items. and Guards. 

(don't do this irl) 

Trust me you like it.

My discord is Lunah#1040.

If you have anything to ask msg me here or discord. 

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4 hours ago, Elom_Musk said:

Hi guys,

It has come to my attention that a large community of users is being discriminated against here on Minehut. And I am here to provide an unbiased perspective on this serious topic. When I first joined Minehut I would not have believed that this place would be full of hate, racism and s.ex.ism. Every player is unique, where they have their own playstyles and beliefs. The fact that some players are getting discriminated for a certain playstyle and religion is very disappointing. I expected Minehut to be a safe community for everyone. People that are apart of this community are so discriminated against that other users seek out to find members of this group to pressure, force and ultimately bully these players to leaving the Minehut community.

This is extremely prevalent as the fact of even mentioning this communities name results in a blacklist from all Super League™ services. Because of this name ban i will be referring to the group as a 'invasive species of rodents' . This communities ideology could be referred to griefing servers which is an art form which requires precision, intellect and high levels of skills. However this is not allowed in the Minehut community due to the reason of 'community disruption' disallowing this group from acting on their beliefs is 'community disruption' in of itself. 

This monotheistic religion believes in the omnipotent being 'Monty the Mole' who guides them to 'mole' (grief) Minehut servers. Due to this nature we would like to appeal the decision of blacklisting the name of this group and the community disruption bans. We have coined the term 'Antim.ol.est' (Anti-Mole-Ist) meaning a prejudice against Montyism (and all branches of Monty related faiths).

We politely request that Trent Hensler revokes the ban on Monty ideologies.

The Monty community 



this post has been blessed by the all powerful Monty the Mole

i believe minehut is just a monopoly game it got turned into a monopoly game because now its like P2W 


oh god moles war is imminent

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“If at all possible, avoid besieging walled cities.” -Sun Tzu

”The supreme Art of war is subduing the enemy without fighting” -Sun Tzu

”Capture something your enemy holds dear and then they will be mendable to your will” -Sun Tzu

Owner of oldgaffle.minehut.gg.

Cooler than Stalemate128.

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