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Making skripts (free)


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21 hours ago, get_c0mboed said:

hello, could u make me a skript that when a player gets killed by another player the killer gets a player head in their enderchest?

Yea this was a lot easy than it seems😘


on death:
	if victim is a player:
		if attacker is a player:
			add skull of victim to attacker's enderchest


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Hello. I am requesting a Skript that will allow me to reset a certain area after being griefed with a single command. 

— OMBS —

Hello. I am ombs, a chill server developer and FPS enthusiast.

Currently working on a server with a queue-style arena PVP.

Battle500 is my completed server. 

Have a great day!


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@BOXEY please make a grapplin hook skript

Owner of:


AuxMines is a unique Box Mining server. We have Super Hero ArmourCustom Enchants, Cool BossesChill Community, and Custom Drops  all in one server!

We aren't fully released, so if you wanna drop by and give us some suggestions that would be cool.


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On 1/28/2022 at 1:51 PM, _LunahPvp_ said:

@BOXEY please make a grapplin hook skript

sorry it took so long i was at a snowboard comp but this should work

it does need Skellett

	p: &3SERVER &8| &7
	time: 15 ticks

command craft [<text>]:
	permission: op
		if arg-1 is not set:
			send "{@p}All options"
			send "&8| &7Grappling-Hook"
		if arg-1 is "Grappling-Hook":
			add fishing rod named "&7Grappling  Hook" with lore " " and "&8&l| &cRight-Click&7 to send out the hook" and " " to player

on fishing:
	if name of player's tool is "&7Grappling  Hook":
		if "%fishing state%" is "IN_GROUND" or "REEL_IN":
			if {grapcooldown.%Player%} is not set:
				push player (direction from player to fishing hook) at speed (distance between fishing hook and player/4)
				set {grapcooldown.%Player%} to true
				wait {@time}
				delete {grapcooldown.%Player%}
				send "{@p}Can't do this right now"


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can you make me a trade skript which you do /trade <player> and it opens a gui thats like an chest but there are gray glass panes in the middle with green wool at the left side of the glass panes so is the right side but you cant access the right green wool the green wool is named "Accept" and at the bottom of the green wool there is red wool on both side named "Deny" you cant access the right side but you see what they are trading to you if you press the red wool it will immediately close the gui to both players but if you press the green wool it will turn yellow and for the other player's POV it is yellow on the right without the red wool anymore that says "Waiting" and it will wait for 28 seconds until it closes the gui for both players and if you press the green wool during that point the trade will get accepted and the items you put in the left side will be given to the other player and same with the right if any items are put in the right side it will be given to you from the other player

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