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[WARNING] Phishing Messages


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Don't Fall for stuff like this guys image.png.87f5635e8fd4cde676407ded5067e98b.png


These are all scams. For someone not to familiar with minehut can easily fall for such scams and even people who are familiar but not cautious. I didn't go to the link but it probably asks you for username passwords and such


If you have fallen victim then you should change passwords/emails/usernames to whatever you had given.

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Yeah true this is why im just glad to be muted cuz i dont get involved in bot attacks falsely banned and have to change password before appealing


But yeah its true never ever give out your passwords to a random website or a random person but people still fall for it because the link makes it look real but its a phishing link 


Dont fall for this

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I fell victim to this and some dude from the UK tried to log in. Google blocked it from logging in but yeah this is crazy. 

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