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  1. Hello, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Dylan, and I've managed many large-scale projects. My discord is Dylann#7762 I would like to hire a team of developers to take on the role of developing a network on a server called Minehut, and eventually disconnect the network off of minehut, and host it elsewhere. My co-owner and I are also developers ourselves and will be assisting you a lot during this process. Please add me on discord - Dylann#7762 if you are interested in this. More information like details of the network, payment, and simply any other details or questions that you have can be handled through DM's. I would like nothing but professional individuals to take this role that has experience. I am looking for around 2-3 developers. If you think you are good for this, (nothing short-term) please DM me on discord. Thanks, Dylan.
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