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I need afk rewards skript


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On 1/15/2022 at 10:59 AM, AfonsoHackers said:

Hello, I could make you this in a plugin if you want. (Paid)

or I'll do it for free

On 1/5/2022 at 9:42 PM, S5_FrozTie said:

So I want it when someone is in a specific zone after 5 mins they get a key from goldencrates plug in so the command would be crates givekey (player) bigcrate key 1 if anyone can help please let me know

Here you go!

	region: afkzone
	# the region where players can get keys (must have worldguard)

every 5 minutes:
	loop all players where [region at input is {@region}]:
		make console execute command "givekey %loop-player% bigcrate key 1" # change command if you wish



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