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Minehut has beed breached! How do I protect my account? Take action now.


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PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a question. Also, I am not a Minehut staff member. Remember that staff members will never ask for your password, and that the developers are working to keep your account secure.

ALSO NOTE: EVERY Minehut account has been effected by the breach. This was a system-wide breach.


So, what happened?

On September 17, 2019, a data breach for Minehut has been announced by Have I been Pwned. Those who use a similar service should have received an email about the breach. According to Have I been Pwned, only email addresses have been breached. However, we can not be sure that password weren't effected. Try with these steps to secure your account:

  • Change your password
  • Make a strong, unique password
  • Stop using the same password
  • Start using a password manager like LastPass

Even if you do not use your account anymore, reset your password for your safety.

For more information, please view a report summary on Firefox Monitor.

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personally, I don't like posts like these posted by people who aren't staff but trust me, only your email is leaked. Someone gave me the list of leaked minehut emails from the breach and I can assure you that password isn't included in the breach.


And no, I didn't take part of this data breach in any shape or form.

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Just to reassure everyone, there has not been any recent data breach. This specific information was the breach back in May.

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