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Muted for not useing /ad


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username: vault_boy

Why were you punished:

for advertiseing a server without /ad

why i am are not guity:

I would like to start off by saying, what is advertising? there are many forms of it so that is one thing i would like clarified. yes i know "OOgOA BogoaaAA YOU SHOUld nO noT do SutFU again AnD SOHUWLD REMEMBER NOT BREAK rule AGAIN ever OR DEATH penalty" but also I would like to say that when I said what I did in chat it did and did not include


question mark so it was a question

not including:

do /join

or telling people directly to join.

now I know what your gonna do and skim this over, ban me from appealing again so I know there's no point but I at least ASK you to read what I have to say, i like to talk to reasonable people and I know others do as well. because i didn't directly break the rule I shouldn't be punished as inadvertent advertising,

lobby rules:

  1. When advertising your Minehut server in the lobby, please make sure you use /advertise. Not doing so will result in a punishment.
  1. You may advertise your services (staff, builder, developer, etc.) in the lobby chat as long as you aren’t doing so more than once every 2 minutes.
  2. You cannot use a bot, command line, or auto execute commands to advertise for you. You must type the command in through the Minecraft client.

as you can see there is a problem here, and i belive it should be reworded to better explain rules and to make it harder for people like me to find loopholes, When advertising your Minehut server in the lobby, please make sure you use /advertise. Not doing so will result in a punishment. 

now the problem here is very clear, all we have to do is add a few refinements, this is what it should look like:

When advertising your Mine-hut server(s) in the lobby, please make sure you use /advertise. Not doing so will result in punishment, this includes in-advertent advertisement, stating your advertisement as a question, and all other forms of advertisement.

In this revised version it now states that a person cannot A: advertise multiple servers, B: cannot use any other forms of none direct advertisement to get people to join there server. See how much can be accomplished when we clareify a few things, Now it is much more clear and to the point. to be honest the rules of this server need to be re-written to be more clear and easier to understand, and it would make everyone's jobs less difficult, yours having to read through this persons rant on the rules (and anyone else following in my footsteps), and mine, understanding the rules. in addition, nowhere in the rules dose it state that I am commiting a rule break, and also the mute time seems generally unfair for a "crime" i haven't committed in a month, and I wasn't warned by a staff member. To be honest I would be happy to reformat the entire rules and give them to your guys at mine hut so that players in the future wouldn't be subject to unfair punishment.

side note: 

I know this probably won't happen but i would like this run by a logical person, and if you are a logical person, please understand what I am saying and where i am coming from, after all you would hate to be punished for a rule that wasn't clarified. i would also like mutes to not affect /msg if that person is on your /freinds list so I can at least talk to people.

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