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[Staff/Development] Pigdom Recruitment


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Staff/Development Recruitment


Currently Recruiting:

Helpers [✔]

Moderators [✔]

Developers/Skripters [✔] 

Builders [✔]


If you are interested in applying for any of the positions above,

Contact TankSniperD In-Game with the following format:


Hello, I would like to apply for the [rank you are applying for] position.


We require all applicants to have past experience in the position they are applying for.




Disclaimer: If you pass the application process, most of the ranks will NOT be paid excluding Developers, they MAY be paid

Skript Developer


Joined Minecraft in 2016 on Bedrock Edition

Joined Minecraft in 2020 on Java Edition

Joined Minehut in December 2020

5 years Skript experience




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Hello! Can I apply for the Skripter Position?



[VIP] - 28/08/21

[PATRON] - 24/10/21 - now

BANNED - now

Joined 03/06/21

IGN: skNitro





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