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Crates Skript [1.13+]

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Crates Skript (NOT OPTIMIZED)


This is a crates skript I've made a while ago, and it's about 140 lines

Note that when this was made, this was not made to support tons of players, so if too many players are using crates, it could cause lag! This should however not matter for most people



  • /crate - crate.use or crate.*
  • /keyall - crate.keyall or crate.*


Blue = Command

Gray = Comment


# This is a tutorial on how to setup a simple crate

# Create a crate

/crate create (crateName)

# This will create a new crate is not already existing

# Now to get the crate to be able to place, run the following command

/crate crate (crateName)

# Once you get the crate in your inventory, place it down

# To remove a crate, break it in creative mode, to view contents, left click on it with your fist in survival

# To open a crate right click with it with a key or you get flung back!

# To add items, run this command while holding that item you wish to add

/crate additem (crateName)

# Removing items and crates are also simple, examples below

# Note you must also be holding that item in hand to remove it from a crate!

/crate removeItem (crateName) # Remove a item from a crate

/crate remove (crateName) # Remove a crate

# Getting keys are also simple, to give everyone a command, run the keyall command

# To give yourself a key use the command shown below

/crate key (crateName)


This skript is somewhat old, but I still wanted to share it with the community for you guys to have, enjoy!
I don't plan on updating this unless it's badly needed, than I will recode it with optimization, Until than enjoy the skript, If the pastebin link below does not work, Contact me so I can add a fixed one!


Skript Below

Click Here (pastebin.com)


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would be nice if we could get some screenshots

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