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What is the addons tab?

With Minehut, you have the ability to upload any plugin or modpacks you want from the internet. This can easily be done from the file manager by drag and dropping your files into the folder you would like it uploaded to. However, we also offer the option to 1 click install some of the most popular plugins and modpacks out there. You can use this tab to quickly look for content you would like added to your server without needing to go through the trouble of finding the download and putting it in the correct place. We'll also go through the effort of keeping this content up-to-date so you won't have to worry about keeping all your content updated.


What content can be added to the addons tab?

Anything could be added from scripts, plugins, modpacks, server setups, as well as any other pieces of content that you might be interested in quickly installing onto your server. You can use this category to suggest new content to add as well as requesting for current content to be updated if there's an update available.


How do I suggest something to get added?

You already made it to the correct place! Follow some of the steps listed below to get your favorite suggestions added:

  1. Click the Start New Topic button or click here to start creating a new suggestion to get posted.
  2. Include a link to the plugin, modpacks, or other piece of content that you are interested in getting added. It's helpful if you include a link from a trustworthy source such as BukkitDev, SpigotMC, GitHub, CurseForge, or any other popular resource sources.
  3. Check the Minecraft version required to run the piece of content you're suggesting. Minehut does support a large variety of versions, but not everything might be supported on these versions. Make sure to include this in the post when creating it.
  4. Provide a short explanation on why you'd like that piece of content added. What type of content is it? What does it do? Is there anything similar already added to the addons tab?
  5. Be patient with your request! We receive a ton of suggestions every week and it's impossible for us to add everything or go through all requests within a reasonable amount of time. We prioritize content with more requests and popularity so make sure to upvote and respond to other requests mentioning that you'd also like it added. Please don't make multiple posts for the same request.

In the meantime, you can try directly adding your content to the file manager until we get it added to the addons tab. We have tutorials available which explains how to do this correctly. 


Are there any content that might not get added?

Unfortunately, we're not able to add any paid content ourselves. If you'd like to see a paid plugin or other content type added to the addons tab, you'll need to talk to the developer or creator and request for them to add it to the Minehut market. We also unfortunately cannot add any plugins that might use any additional server ports such as Votifier or Dynmap.

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