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What is your favorite book?

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1 hour ago, SLG Molly said:

What is the best book you have read and why? 


My favorite is Ready Player One by Earnest Cline. I picked it up at the airport in 2014, and I could not put it down my entire vacation. 



Can't agree with you more there, ready player one is a great book! went and saw the movie which was ok.

Other books I enjoyed, A long walk to water, a night devided, refugee, the 3 divergent books I've read (original trilogy), hunger games, the list goes on. If I find a good book I won't put it down!

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Oh this is hard. My favorite series that got me into reading is Harry Potter.

Some other books I LOVE are goes as follows:

Futuristic Violence and Fancy Suits by David Wong. - It's a futuristic book where people have superhuman enhancements, and social network has turned into Big Brother. People only watch live streams, and everyone live streams.

Forging Hephaestus by Drew Hayes: It's a series about a Villain's Code, and how Villains and Heroes have a balance in the world. This one is a live series, so it's not complete yet, and I can not wait for the sequel. 

Geek Love by Katherine Dunn: A Geek is the person in the circus that bites the chicken's head off, and it's a story on how the Geek and the Ring leader genetically modify their children to keep the 'freak show' profitable. I read this book in High school and think about it probably weekly.

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My 'About Me' page has a huge list of books I recommend but my favorite? Let's see....


Favorite book of all time

  • Hard to pick... Do I go with Acceleration? Stung? Marley & Me? The Maze Runner? Sunny Side up, Drama, or Ghosts? Actually, I think i'll have to choose Me & Jack. It was an amazing story about a kid and his dog, who was treated unfairly because of how he looked. Also, one line in it really stuck with me and helped me get through the deaths of my uncle and my Grandma, so it has had a huge influence on my life.

Least favorite book of all time

  • Hmm it's in my room somewhere, lemme just find it quick... Aha! It's called Ghost Hawk. It just didn't suit me. Maybe you're into that kind of story, but I couldn't really stand reading it and I was pretty disappointed by the end. Wish I hadn't paid $20 for a hardcover.

Anisha Regular

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