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Staff application


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  • IN-GAME NAME  HDSuperGamer
  • Previous experience if any I have run 3 sucessful servers 1 which was my own xD
  • Have you received a punishment on DevilsPvP before? (No)
  • Discord username (HDSuperGamer#6701)
  • What role are you hoping to receive? Dev or Mod or admin or helper (wouldn't mind helping in more than 1 role what ever is needed most at the moment or future.)
  • Why do you think you would benefit DevilsPvP  Im very extremly active as shown in /baltop, answer alot of new player questions, have previous expirence skripting as a dev and have more than 7yrs of minecraft knowledge. Finally im quite adapt at finding hackers and exploits/glitches which i belive would save the server alot of time and energy in patching and also roll backs.
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Staff Application Accepted.

Welcome to the team!

You will be trialed as a Trial-Helper, based off your performance will determine your following position.



thread closed.

--- AbusingNub ---

-- Owner of the DevilsNetwork --

◉ DevilsPvP.minehut.gg

◉ BridgesWar.minehut.gg

Here to lend a helping hand.


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