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Itsmeblurys Staff Application


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  • IN-GAME NAME: itsmeblury
  • Previous experience I Have owned multiple sucessful servers | Moderator On PogMined, Mod Dev And helper On TazPvP, and tons of other servers ive forgot name of
  • No I Have Not Recieved Any Punishments Prior To This Application
  • Discord username: Blury#7036
  • Developer Or Moderator
  • The Way I Can Help Out The Server is Support The Community With Their Struggles Help Out With The Server and giving my opinions to make it better, i will be online as long and much as i can and will give 110% to help the server become the best it can be

    I have Made, Rank Skywars, Custom Punishment, Tags, Custom nickname, custom chat system etc

    How Long I Can Be Active For: 10-11hrs
    I Plan On being staff for as long as i can
    if a staff is abusing i would reporting it immediately and if i have permission take action
    if someone is in need of help i would try to deal with the situation the best way possible
  • if someone is hacking i would get proof send to owner and ban 
    if someone is doing something wrong in chat i would warn them and get proof if they continue i would mute them for 30m 1hr etc
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Staff Application Accepted.

Welcome to the team!

You will be trialed as a Trial-Helper, based off your performance will determine your following position.



thread closed.

--- AbusingNub ---

-- Owner of the DevilsNetwork --

◉ DevilsPvP.minehut.gg

◉ BridgesWar.minehut.gg

Here to lend a helping hand.


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