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Hey! Im lapzzo and im not new to minehut or minehut forums, but I realised I never introduced myself here!

So Hello minehut forums!


If you want to ask me a question message me on forums or ingame (if im online ofc!)


Note: this is not my main forum account I just use this all the time now. My original is just called Lapzzo!

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Noiice to meet yu

professional nerd @

- Adobe [2+ Year EXP]
- Skript [1+ Year EXP (i think probs more than that)]
- Minecraft [10+ Year EXP]
- Memes [oh hell ya]
- Stupid [since birth]

- Musician
- Music Producer
- Songwriter

- Currently Developing on my Server called Chysos. A server that wont release 😄

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