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please add these extra slimefun plugins


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sensible toolbox version 1.16.5



adds extra items to the slimefun guide

like farm machines which will generate items of the machine you make

and other machine blocks like item senders which will tranfers items long distances without hoppers

also has item upgrades and other item router mods which will upgrade the speed or will configurate the router tranfers

(example) send items from wood farm to the hsu(big chest which can hold up to 10mill-1bill items in one wood block of the same type)

it has a ender leash which can store animals into the leash inself without dragging the animal around

and many more


2nd plugin

souljar version 1.16.5



this plugin also adds extra content to the slimefun guide

lets you craft a empty souljar of every type of mob/animal

which you then need to kill 160times to get the souljar filled

then lets you craft the spawners of it






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