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Server Names?



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Just an idea; you could either hate it, ignore it, like it, etc.



Hxrii's Friends SMP [HxMP]**

HxMP: Hxrii's SMP with <friend1> <friend2> (etc.)!***


*The server IP. Hx because of your name: HxriiYT. HxMP is like Hx SMP, but Hx sounds a bit like S. Say it out loud and you'll get what I mean. I thought this would be a funny pun and it sounds much better than HxSMP because it's too long to say. And of course .minehut.gg because that's what Minehut offers.

**The server name. It's Hxrii's Friends SMP, because it literally is xD! And then HxMP behind that, because that's the IP and it's just like "Dream SMP [DSMP]", it's kind of an abbreviation for the server.

***The MOTD/Description of the server that you see in the Server List. You could add some color to it with Color Codes if you want, but of course you don't have to. It's literally HxMP, and then all the members of the server, which are in this case, your friends. And it's your SMP, just a little note lol.


- Hob

IGN: TheHobGobbler.png.9d4cb58b0ad5cdfacc45e800cbd3a1de.pngTheHobGobbler


On a mission to be a Helping Hand on Minehut and help everyone where needed!


My coding skills on Scratch (they're bad)

[My Scratch profile]

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