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5 minutes ago, WIZARDGATOR said:

I have been wondering if you can make custom plugins for minehut. or, for your self so can you try to make that feature if you can.

but you don't have to but all I'm asking for is to make a custom plugin minehut you please add this.

I guess you missed every message on Minehut the past few days

Here take a look at this 



Feel free to add me on discord if you:

dc3456c-e0ec58e8-c807-43e3-b986-5224b91a need help with plugins

dc3456c-e0ec58e8-c807-43e3-b986-5224b91a need help with skripts

dc3456c-e0ec58e8-c807-43e3-b986-5224b91a need to vent about something


>[ ‧₊˚꒰ʚ Starshine ɞ ‧✦ *#2683 ]<

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