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so I am trying my very best to make the left click shop but here is what I got...

on leftclick with dirt:
    open chest with 3 rows named "&3&lDirty Shop" to player
    format slot 10 of player with dirt named "&9Another dirt clicker" with lore "&4&lAdds $1 to each click" to close
on inventory click:
    if name of current inventory of player is "&3&lDirty Shop":
        if name of event-item is "&9Another dirt clicker":
            add 1 to {moneyperclick::%player%}
            remove 50 from {money::%player%}


What I am trying to do is to remove money from player's uuid. give the moneyperclick to player and make it so if you click it. it will do the stuff.

idk what is happening. I know it is trying to see the player's inventory. but can it see from a gui through?

I am using: Skript, SkQuery, SkRayFall, Skellett

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I don't know how to use SkQuery so I can't really help. But if you are using TuSke, I can help.


Owner of play.hiveminez.net



Joined Minehut on 1/28/2021 (Same day I got Minecraft)

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Discord - NotKaizo#0001

In-game name - iKaizo_

If you need any help, feel free to contact me.

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wait I have a idea. I use the run part to make a variable true to start a every 2 ticks that checks if it's true. after that it will be disabled. that means I don't need the inventory click part! the only bad part is it will make my skript long...

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