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Uploading an adventure map causes 'an unknown error', could anyone potentially help?



Long story short, I've tried both methods of uploading a world onto the server, both on the website and the '/ul world' command.

The adventure map I'm trying to run is https://www.planetminecraft.com/project/mazescapist/. The map is

- Under the maximum size of 500 mb's (it's a bit over 200mb the map)

- It has custom resources (to change the texture of certain blocks)

- It has data packs

- It has multiple worlds

Here's a image of the zip file opened

image.thumb.png.9998eb385f6b1ea72b0141228582d5cf.png          here is an image of the unknown error message:


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So, I don't know alot about uploading maps and stuff but if you are using Minehut, I know you have to use file.io to upload your maps in-game. Basically, go to file.io on your browser. Upload the map into file.io from your pc (Has to be a Zip file). After uploading, copy the link and execute this command in-game (You need OP). 

/ul world <name> <link>

 Remember to not include the < & > when uploading!


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If you need any help, feel free to contact me.

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