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I created a server, and now its a fresh when I log back in...


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Hi there,

Is this a common problem?

I spent 4 hours playing in my first session with a friend and I hit "save world" on the website, and stopped the server. When I log back in to the server after starting it up again today I am in a totally new place. Is it the same server, and I've just spawned in a new location? 

I tried to log back in, and restart the server etc several times, and that works, but I can't find my first world that I initially started.

Please help, short and sweet answer is appreciated! 

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Saving the world alone doesn’t help. What you actually need to do is execute the /save-all command in-game. Additionally, considering that you have saved the world from the panel, you could try and contact Minehut support (at https://minehut.com/support, scroll down and press the Contact Support button) and ask if they have a backup of your world saved somewhere. 

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