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set item name in gui to items in a list


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29 minutes ago, Boxmonkey said:

I am making a skript and i need to know how i can make a item in the gui for it and make it a player name in a list

nvm I used a old report skript in my other server

here's the code


command list:
		send "{@prefix} &7Opening list" to player
		wait 1 tick

function list(p: player):
	open virtual chest inventory with size 6 named "&3&lList&8 | &7List" to {_p}
	set {_n} to 0
	if {list::*} is set:
		loop {list::*}:
			format gui slot {_n} of {_p} with ("%loop-value%" parsed as offline player)'s skull with no nbt named "&3%loop-value%"
			add 1 to {_n}
			if {_n} = 53:
				stop loop
		format gui slot 0 of {_p} with paper with no nbt named "&7None." with lore "&7Currently there is noboby on the list." to do nothing
	format gui slot 53 of {_p} with empty map with no nbt named "&6Clear list" to run:
		close player's inventory
		delete {list::*}


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