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1 minute ago, hello7352918 said:

May i suggest a plugin?Can we have chisel's i really want a chisel plugin because i want to make a teddy bear and more things like a hat hanger or tiny fake shoes So please add this ty so very much. revoir S'il vous plaît ajouter ce plugin

Pretty sure there is no plugin that has the same effects as the chisel mod so you are mostly likely talking about the mod.

Minehut doesn't support mods yet which means it can't be added.

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Feel free to add me on discord if you:

dc3456c-e0ec58e8-c807-43e3-b986-5224b91a need help with plugins

dc3456c-e0ec58e8-c807-43e3-b986-5224b91a need help with skripts

dc3456c-e0ec58e8-c807-43e3-b986-5224b91a need to vent about something


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