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How do you make it so you can use commands on your server? I want to be able to switch gamemodes, Change Time, TP, ect. while everybody else stays on Survival.

Does anybody know how to put one person admin?


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2 hours ago, MEMES96 said:

Do you have to make someone OP for them to use a command block. for example do they have to be OP to press a button which teleports them somewhere?

Yes they do, but you can use the plugin Skript to do stuff like this.

You can also get the plugin PermissionsEX if you would like to set specific permissions to specific people / groups.

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On 2/23/2020 at 5:53 AM, tnf401 said:

Yes in fact I do, in your server's console where it says "server command"

Right in that you should be able to type in /op [username] 

After that you should be able to use all commands


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