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Vixio - Bot read message help


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Hey all

I'm currently making a skript that reads messages from a specific channel on discord. The issue i'm currently having is that the only messages that appear in the channel are messages written by the same bot that reads the messages. The bot doesnt seem to be able to read its own messages with on guild message received. Does anyone know a work around or an alternative so that the bot reads its own messages as well? Thanks in advance!


on guild message received:
    discord id of event-channel is "x"
    set {_player} to ("%event-message%" parsed as offline player)
    set {_u} to uuid of {_player}
    send "%{_player}%" to all players


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im not to sure about this part of skript but i think the best way to do it is with plugins not skript sooooo

also @_Tarna_ might be able to help 🙂





play.koolkidzmc.com (Velocity + Pufferfish FTW)






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