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Your IGN: gabbegaming

Your Discord (Test#0001): gribabuba#9185

Age: 13

Time zone: CEST

What is you're current rank?: Member

Do you have a working mic?: Yes

Do you have any previous punishments?: No

How many hours are you able to be on the server?: 10-12 hours 

How active can you be per week?: 6 days

Do you have any past moderating experience? If so, briefly describe it: Former jr.mod on: ArUwU, Former Builder / Developer on: CylonePVP, Former jrmod on a skyblock server i dont remember the name on!

Why do you want to become a staff member on KitX?: Well, I have 2+ years moderation experience and among my experience i've learnt alot, And I feel like i want to help other people and make servers hacker-free, I'll provide 1080P HD Quality evidence if required, And i'll be avaible to assist if needed.

Why should we pick your application than other applications?: I have 2+ years moderation experience, I can actually do my job as instructed without doing stupid shit or abusing, I am calm, Level-Headed and i know what im doing.

What is one of your strengths & weaknesses?: One of my strengths are: I am a highly qualified moderator, Weaknesses: My ADHD likes to go though the roof sometimes but its fine.

Do you know how to screen share & find Ghost Clients? (Yes/No): Kinda yes, But its very hard.

Do you use any Screen Share tools? (Yes/No): Kinda, Im still learning.

Anything else?: No

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