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Aurelium Skills still not working even after Plugins Update?



In the Plugins Update, it says that Aurelium skills was updated to a version that includes 1.17 but I have restarted my server, reset the config, and uninstalled and reinstalled the plugin and its still not working for me. When I do /plugins it shows up in the list but when I do /help or /AureliumSkills the console just doesn't recognize it. And it isn't a LuckPerms problem cause I gave myself aureliumskills.* which should make me op for those commands but it still isn't working. Is there something I can do to make sure it's updated? or do I just need to wait longer because the Plugins Update was only yesterday?

The plugins I have installed (just incase any immediately stand out to be the culprit) are:
Aurelium Skills
Custom Images
Essentials Chat
Ones that show up when I do /plugins but are not in my plugins tab of the minehut dashboard:



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