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ThatChromeDino Jr Mod Application

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Your IGN: ThatChromeDino (Java) , *MissionSplash10 (Bedrock)

Your Discord (Test#0001): ThatChromeDinosaur#7475

Age: 15

Time zone: BST

What is you're current rank?: Non/Member

Do you have a working mic?: I do but I usually prefer not to use it at times.

Do you have any previous punishments?: I got banned because I was on geyser connect on bedrock which allows you to join a java account to bedrock just to see if I can use my data from my java account then xac banned me then invis unbanned me and I continued to play on bedrock profile for that.

How many hours are you able to be on the server?: 3-5 hours per day

How active can you be per week?:  30 hours + if not probably 25-30+

Do you have any past moderating experience? If so, briefly describe it: Well I tried out on "ArUwU" like 6 months ago. Although 3 weeks later I got denied. For "Inactivity" I believe why is I did not know you can join on bedrock so I probably would of got accepted if I did that. Although Everyone makes mistakes in their lives. 

Why do you want to become a staff member on KitX?: Well I mean I've been playing this server for about 3 days now, and it's a pretty cool server. The reason why I'm writing this application is because XAC does have a few flaws. In the morning at around 7:30-8:30 BST there was this hacker using timer, a hacker using b-hop aura and reach, and a flight hacker. Hackers are not fun neither are spammers. So I feel like I can take on the job to make sure it's a user friendly experience.

Why should we pick your application than other applications?: Well nothing makes me special by any means. I mean unless my skills at making chat a bit of a better place but yeah that's about it.

What is one of your strengths & weaknesses?: Well my strengths is really just making chat a bit more active and a bit more user friendly. Although my weakness is using a microphone as I sometimes do not fill comfortable.

Do you know how to screen share & find Ghost Clients? (Yes/No): Well I know the basics. Send them this link and wait for the results. 

Do you use any Screen Share tools? (Yes/No): No because I don't really want to pay for it but if so I would just use free sharing tools although I probably be asked not to use it as they tend to false. 

Anything else?: Well just to let you know Assists Are Broken. And I do stream sometimes on my channel.


- End Of Thread -

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