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How To Apply Potion Effects To Mobs Within Certain Radius On Right Click Of An Item



on right click:
    if player's tool is iron shovel:
        if uncolored name of player's tool is "Wand Of Poison":
    if {cooldown.%player%} is true:
        message "&6you have to wait"
            cancel event
        if {cooldown.%player%} isn't set:
            set {cooldown.%player%} to false
        if {cooldown.%player%} is false:
            set {cooldown.%player%} to true
            loop all mobs in radius 4 of player
            apply slowness 4 to loop-mobs for 30 seconds
            apply weakness 4 to loop-mobs for 30 seconds
            message "&byou used your poison wand"
            wait 3 seconds
            set {cooldown.%player%} to false
So, I want to apply potion effects to mobs within a certain radius when I right click with an item, however it says there's no loop that matches loop mobs and says can't understand this condition /effect loop all mobs in radius 4 of player.
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