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OtherDrops isa simple plugin that allows you to add anything from a
simple glass drop to a complex overhaul of your servers' drops, with 
drops differing depending on tools, biomes, times, weathers and much 
more. It comes with customizable messages, actions, and even 
commands. It is lightweight (meaning it only acts on what you have 
configured), and respects most protection plugins' (such as WorldGuard 
and Regions) settings. Some examples are included to help get your 
creative juices flowing!

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5 hours ago, fueL said:

Its easy to skript it just ask in #skript or smth in minehut discord server

It's not that easy what I'm planning to do with it. I doub't anyone is gonna help me with what i'm planning to do on my server (it's a huge project). Plus with this plugin i can do whatever i want, whenever i want.

Thank you for your suggestion tho.

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