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ModeratorShiba~Introduction to minehut :D

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Hey everybody! I'v been using minehut since 2018, a bit of a new experience for me. However, after using minehut for a bit in order to build a volcano for a school Pompeii project.(creativity was encouraged), i decided on making a MH server. That server endured a lot, from griefing from random strangers, and criticisms from others. At the end, it looked ok. We ended up getting good grades, and that's when i discovered how good minehut actually was. From "random free mc server" to "only server i vote for" Minehut has helped me a lot. Sure, it has lagged out everybody.(1gb for free servers 😞) but it has been helping me a lot. Now i only spend time on MH, building and upgrading my server 😄 I love your vote for credits system, though i think adding multipliers would help it. please don't delete this like u guys do on discord. I'm really interested in giving back, but i'm not old enough to apply for staff.

My hobbies outside of MH:

Even though i said i only spent time on minehut, that was false. In addition to minehut, i also sometimes go out and go for a round of golf, practice Taekwondo(im black belt), chess and playing with my dog.

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Hope to see you around the lobbies and server! 👋

Just someone who plays Minecraft

Discord - xmuel | sam#0592


Minehut VIP - Sometime in 2017

Minehut PRO- July 13th 2019

Minehut Junior Moderator - August 1st 2019

Minehut Moderator - October 1st 2019


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