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My Server keeps shutting down



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5 hours ago, Bbear2103 said:

Just wondering why my server keeps shutting down every couple of minutes and if there is a way to fix it, ive gone through logs and tried everything to fix it but i cant do anything to fix it

There are two reasons which may be causing this. The first reason (and the most likely one) is that there are too many servers online at once. The Minehut server limit is at 3,450 and as the number of active servers starts to creep up, you might experience some drops in performance or even complete delays in startup. What I would recommend doing in this instance is just waiting for the active server count to go down, and try activating your own server now and again. You can monitor the active server count by scrolling down on the https://minehut.com/ website.

The second reason is a corrupted server file which is delaying or completely stopping your server. If you think that this is the case, go to the Danger Zone on your Minehut control panel and select the Repair Files button (THERE IS A MINOR RISK THAT YOUR WORLD WILL BE WIPED IF YOU DO THIS), then, stop and start your server on the Home tab.

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