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Spirit Animals of the Staff Team


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I have carefully thought of each staff member’s spirit creature. Here’s a few of their animals and how they got them. Please not that they aren’t all animals and some are just creatures.

SLGMolly = Dog (She loves dogs more than anything)

BennyDoesStuff = Batman  (He’s loved by almost everyone in existence and he stops those who misbehave.)

xMuel =  mule ( it’s in his name)

Ninventoo = Chinchilla (I’ve covered how Ninventoo is a chinchilla in a past theory)

_Rascal = hamster ( Hamsters are a bunch of little rascals. They also have a great personality just like him)

Jackson85 = Dragon (because rewr)

If you have any people that you’d like added, let me know. Peace

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